Who Are We?

Founded by Professor Jonathan Trevor, Align Ltd had its genesis in the world of business and management, research, education and engagement.

About Jonathan

"I am passionate about organisational theory and practice. It may not be particularly rock and roll, as interests go, but I have been hooked ever since my first undergraduate lecture on the subject."

"As all good theory should, the appeal of the subject was that it helped me to better understand the confusing world around me.

Organisations, or enterprises as I refer to them, are central to all our lives. Whether commercial, governmental or social, enterprises form a vital part of the human experience at every stage of our lives and are essential to our economic, social and personal well-being. So, shouldn’t we really care about how to make them function as best as possible?

This brings me to my abiding interest in alignment and the enduring purpose behind my work as a business school professor – to help enterprises of any description to function better."

Align Ltd - Jonathan Trevor


Jonathan is an Associate Professor of Management Practice at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School.

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He teaches on the Oxford MBA, Executive MBA and international executive education programmes. His academic work is published regularly in leading journals, including Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review. His research has been featured widely in the media, and he has provided expert comment for the Financial Times, BBC, Wall Street Journal, CNN and Forbes.

Previously he was a University Lecturer at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. He holds a PhD in management studies and economics from the University of Cambridge and was a visiting scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Prior to his academic career, Jonathan worked as a management consultant in London for a major international consultancy firm. He has continued to consult throughout his academic career, as well as serving in board advisory and non-executive director roles.

Our purpose is to help leaders to align their enterprises for good.

“Jonathan Trevor has succeeded in writing a clear, concise and engaging exposition about the importance of alignment – a mission critical matter for every type of enterprise, whether social, governmental or commercial. Align is a must read for any serious student or practitioner of leadership.”

Lord Victor O Adebowale CBE

CEO, Turning Point and Chancellor of the University of Lincoln