What We Do

Our purpose is to help leaders to align their enterprises for good.

Our purpose is based upon a powerful premise – that the best aligned organisations are the best performing. Our unique strategic alignment system of thought is derived from original academic research and underpins our distinctive service offering to clients.

We believe strongly that one size does not fit all. Our services are highly customised to deliver the best results for our clients.

We actively promote shared capability building with our clients through knowledge co-creation and reciprocal transfer.


From sharing latest research insights to interactive events designed to encourage deep organisational and personal reflection, our speaking engagements strive to raise leadership consciousness about the opportunities and challenges of strategic alignment in the twenty first century business environment.

Our speciality topics include:

  • Purpose led enterprise; leading on purpose
  • Novel approaches to business strategy and organisational capability
  • The future of work and next generation (network) organisational design
  • Managing people, culture and change for value
  • Leadership potential, performance and capability
  • And, of course, how they all align strategically for superior advantage.

Company Events

We speak regularly at internal company and network events all over the world, including:

  • Leadership conferences
  • Customer engagement events
  • Employee town halls
  • Themed events

As external expert contributors, our speaking contributions range from ten-minute TED style talks to two day (or more) interactive sessions at scale - and everything in between. Our company event speaking is high energy and customised to client context, direction of travel and culture.

Conference Speaking

Jonathan speaks regularly at international conferences on his specialist subject areas.


Whether one on one or with teams, our expert facilitation helps leaders to make better informed choices to strategically align their enterprise purpose, business strategy and organisation to improve business performance.

Leadership Coaching

One to one leadership coaching helps influential decision-makers to think differently about their enterprise purpose, business strategy and organisation capability, and how they can be aligned strategically for value.

Our approach is to impart a critical perspective on how to think strategically and systematically about alignment choices. We consider it mission accomplished when clients develop the capability to act independently of our support and a strategic alignment mindset becomes business as usual.

Leadership Team Facilitation

We provide the intellectual environment to help leadership teams (board level and below) to come together to ask the right questions about their purpose, strategy and organisation; have better conversations and to make the best decisions for the future.

Whether a one-off session, or a series of integrated sessions, the outcome is to foster strong consensus around a new direction, or commitment to a set of important actions, and instil ownership to make it a reality.


We provide hands on advisory support to help leaders to secure long-lasting and positive enterprise change (to better align their business strategy and organisational capability to their enterprise purpose) in three ways principally:

  • Diagnose the current state of an enterprise’s alignment
  • Envision a strategically aligned future state and related strategy and organisation priorities
  • Actively support enterprise-wide change planning and business transformation

Our support is based upon our unique proprietary toolkit – principally Strategic Alignment Mapping - derived from our years of applied research and development. Developed in partnership with leading companies, Strategic Alignment Mapping™ assesses the degree to which an enterprise’s business strategy and organisational capability is supported by its organisational culture(s), structure(s), work processes and people.

The key premise is that poor alignment between these important elements significantly impairs enterprise performance and competitiveness.

"Align is an invaluable compass for business leaders looking to develop a deeper understanding of their organization, providing guidance that will allow them to plot their future with confidence."

Hajime Watanabe,
CEO, Development Bank of Japan

“A tour de force. Jonathan Trevor argues powerfully that the alignment of purpose, strategy and organization are the bedrock of successful performance. He provides a wealth of examples and sets out the questions which leaders need to ask if they are to overcome disruption and intense competition.”

Lord Richard Wilson GCB
Former Cabinet Secretary and former Head of the Home Civil Service

Book Cover

Strategic Alignment Mapping: What It Does

Strategic Alignment Mapping enables enterprise leaders to systematically diagnose their prevailing organisational culture, structure, processes and people capability, and the extent to which these key organizational components support strategic goals and priorities.

  • Any potential barriers to organisational effectiveness and the extent of associated performance penalties
  • Envision an ideal strategy aligned organisation for the future
  • Identify and prioritise opportunities for organisational change to become strategically aligned
  • Measure team alignment between key decision-makers
  • Craft an evidence-based narrative to engage their important stakeholders in the change

Oxford Research and Education

Strategic alignment is deeply embedded in management research and education at Oxford University’s Said Business School. The University of Oxford is consistently ranked as one of the world’s best Universities and Said Business School is at the forefront of its engagement with business.

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